Data Analytica
People, Infrastructure, & Algorithms

Our Company

Data Analytica was originally established in 2011 as Data Nubes, a DHTechnologies  company. In 2016, Data Analytica was formed as an independent AI & ML company. Data Analytica was setup based on the premise that only an end-to-end business data solution provides the flexibility, cost-savings, performance, and security necessary to streamline business processes, extract value, lower the time-to-answer as well as the IT costs and ultimately increases productivity and competitiveness. 
The team that founded Data Analytica has its roots in IBM, CERN, and MIT. Our team members have published over 350 papers and we are very active in the data and systems research community. We have successfully completed very complex business and technology data projects, including design and performance modeling studies for some of the largest HPC supercomputers.

  • Dr. Dominique A. Heger has over 30 years of IT design and implementation experience, focusing on AI/ML, robotics, performance modeling and capacity planning. 
  • Dr. James Ogunleye is a doctoral academic adviser at Middlesex University in London, United Kingdom. He also supervises and examines MBA students at the University of Wales, United Kingdom. 
  • Dr. Alain Biem is a data scientist, executive, and consultant with more than 25 years of machine learning and data science practice in a variety of roles. As a senior researcher and project lead at IBM Watson Research, Dr. Biem was involved in several activities such as cognitive computing research.
  • Eur. Ing. Dr. Deryn Graham is an IT professional with a background in applied computer science and artificial intelligence. She has over 30 years experience working in industry, commerce and academia, acting as a consultant in areas such as decision modeling and education. 
  • Dr. Appolo Tankeh has over 30 years experience in HW modeling, AI/ML, HPC, as well as finance and economics. He successfully fuses science and business into comprehensive data solutions.
Our Difference

We at Data Analytica have a proven track record of successfully completing highly complex data projects by utilizing a unique set of skill sets. We focus on:​​

  • Analytical Modeling
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Advanced Research
  • Cloud Computing
  • Education & Training
  • Supercomputing
  • Machine Learning
  • AI & Robotics
  • Real-Time Predictive Analytics
  • Databases & Datastores
  • Distributed Computing

The talent pool at Data Analytica allows us to provide our customers with the most cost effective, flexible, scalable, and secure data solutions. We consult customers on any aspects of the data projects from design to implementation by first conducting feasibility studies and POC's to assess and frame each individual project at hand. Based on our extensive background in business, IT, mathematics and machine learning, we are in a prime position to aid customers in the actual data cleansing, data conversion, data filtering, data compression, and ultimately value extraction cycle. 

As a company with many years of experience in AI/ML, kernel development and performance optimization, Data Analytica consults customers on any Big Data design, AI/ML data mining, robotics, development (applications and OS), performance, scalability, and capacity project. 

Embedded into our analytics umbrella, we do further offer customized predictive analytics services to sports teams and athletes alike. For more information on sports analytics, please visit HotShot Sports Analytics .